Origins and Lives of the Craftons of Virginia:

Anglo-Saxon Britain to Antebellum America

This two-volume work is a detailed examination of the Crafton family that originated in colonial Virginia in the 17th Century. One of its main goals is to give other researchers a clear and accurate description of those descended from Virginia’s Craftons up to the time of the American Civil War. The work is heavily annotated with sources and contains roughly one page of endnotes for every four pages of text.

Volume 1

After surveying the Crafton family’s British and Virginia roots in its first three chapters, Volume 1 turns to biographies and family histories of over 700 individuals descended from James and Keren-happuch Crafton. By 1850 this couple’s descendants had spread from coast to coast. Biographies of Crafton daughters are included along with those of the cousinage’s male members. As a result, the work includes biographies of many Crafton descendants who do not bear the Crafton surname.

To see volume 1's index clickhere or go to chapter summaries of Volume 1.

Addenda to Volume 1

Feedback from Volume 1's readers and on-going research have added new details to the published edition of Volume 1. This added material can be foundhere for those wishing to print it out.

Volume 2

The descendants of James and Keren-happuch Crafton form more than half of the Crafton cousinage that originated in 17th Century Virginia.

Volume 2 of Origins and Lives deals with the remainder of the Craftons of Virginia, i.e., those descended from James Crafton’s older brother. Including its endnotes, index, and the addenda to Volume 1, Volume 2 is 506 pages long. It became available in November 2018. For more details see Volume 2 Chapter Summaries.

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