Origins and Lives of the Craftons of Virginia: Anglo-Saxon Britain to Antebellum America

Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN/EAN13: 9781457506673
Page Count: 714 including index
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Binding Type: Hard Cover
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Language: English
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Categories: Family History / Genealogy



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About this book…

Volume 1 of Origins and Lives is the first of a two-volume work on the Crafton family that originated in Virginia in the 17th Century. The book’s opening chapter reconstructs the English roots of the Craftons using a combination of conventional sources, linguistic and DNA studies and statistical analyses. Due to the destruction of early Virginia records, a subsequent chapter introduces mathematical genealogy – a novel application of probability and statistics – to describe the first generations of Virginia’s Craftons. This description estimates the number of individuals in these early generations as well as the individuals’ birth years, death years and numbers of offspring. A statistical model even allows the given names borne by these individuals to be inferred in some cases.

Beyond these opening chapters, the rest of Volume 1 is devoted to biographies and family histories of more than 700 descendants of James and Keren-happuch Crafton of Virginia. By 1850 descendants of this couple had spread across not only the southeastern United States but also Indiana and Illinois. Some descendants had even reached the shores of the Pacific by mid-century.

Volume 1 of Origins and Lives is heavily annotated with more than one page of endnotes for every four pages of text. In many cases the endnotes refer the reader to primary source documents. Volume 1 also includes an index of more than 2,100 personal names that appear in the text.

A major goal of the Origins and Lives series is to provide an accurate description of the Craftons of Virginia and their descendants in the United States through at least the time of the American Civil War. The descendants of James and Keren-happuch Crafton form approximately one-half of those descended from Virginia’s Craftons. A second volume of Origins and Lives is now complete and deals with the other half of the Craftons of Virginia, i.e., those descended from James Crafton’s brother.

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